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Retirement Living
The Lifestyle program for residents in the retirement (independent) living units is based on supporting residents to realise the benefits of maintaining their individual interests and community connections, while at the same time enjoying the advantages of living in a social and supportive community where common interests can be shared and enjoyed. This is supported through facilitation, access to our community facilities, and access to our community bus when required. Activities are only limited by residents’ imagination!

Residential Age Care
Lifestyle support for residents in our aged care facility recognises the additional support needed for those who are more frail but who of course still seek to enjoy their interests, social and familily connections and a spirit of community.

The goals of our lifestyle program and services are well summarised by:

Lifestyle and Leisure’s purpose is:

Not to fill time
But to make time Live
Not to keep people occupied
But to keep them Refreshed
Not to offer an escape from life
But to provide a Discovery of life

Lifestyle at Latrobe Valley Village work with the philosophy and principals aimed at empowering, involving and connecting, eliminating feelings of helplessness, loneliness and boredom among the elderly.

Lifestyle programs are developed in consultation with each resident and based on each individual’s needs and preferences.

The program includes individual pursuits and a broad base of activities which provide opportunity for residents to exercise choice and independence, and a sense of community and fellowship for all residents, staff, families, volunteers, health care professionals and visitors to Latrobe Valley Village.

General weekly group activities at Latrobe Valley Village may include, Carpet Bowls, Bingo, Wool Group.

Cooking, Craft, Men’s Group, Gardening and Coffee Club.

We cater for individual cultural needs and occasions. Special days may include, Australia Day, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Andrews Day, Anzac Day, Mothers/Fathers Day, Cup Day, Resident’s birthdays, special family celebrations and many other cultural or themed events.

Music is an integral part of the lifestyle at Latrobe Valley Village. Many entertainers visit to perform concerts and recitals.

Outings for residents are offered in Latrobe Valley Village buses, with wheelchair access. Outings may include picnics, drives, trips to the theatre and shopping centres.

Latrobe Valley Village encourages and embraces outside community involvement and endeavours to maintain resident’s links with the wider community.

The Moe branch of the R.S.L, local church groups, the Moe library service, Senior Citizen Groups and local service groups all provide regular contact and support to residents.

Church services are offered weekly in our own beautiful Chapel. Pastoral care is also provided when requested.

The inclusion of children and youth in life at Latrobe Valley Village is encouraged and fostered. Weekly visits from a variety of schools provide the opportunity for ongoing friendships to develop, the opportunity for residents to share their lifetime experiences and to maintain their life roles such as mentors and teachers.

The home-like environment suits a large variety of resident’s tastes, with places to sit and chat and residents’ own art work. There are interest areas that display china, an in-house shop which sells a variety of items, some of which are hand-made. We have a sports bar, resident’s kitchen and a private dinning room where residents and families can share that special event.

The “back porch” room for potting plants and outdoor garden, featuring vegetables grown with a “permaculture” approach, allow all residents access to a traditional garden experience in an easily accessible environment.

Visitors are always welcome at Latrobe Valley Village, so please feel free to drop in! Students of all ages are always welcomed, including those studying in areas related to aged care. Perhaps you have skills and interests you might like to share. If so please see the section on volunteering. Contact us if you have any questions.