From the Chair of LVV Board – Dec 2021

The Latrobe Valley Village Board of Management deals with matters relating to the governance of our Hostel and Independent Living Units. We act on reports from Board Committees and the Senior Management of the Village.

Christmas 2021 has now come and gone, so we await the arrival of the New Year with hope and the expectation that this year will be better than the last two.  I’m confident it will be.  Certainly as far as Latrobe Valley Village is concerned anyway.

At the Board’s December meeting we agreed to restructure our Committees, reducing their number from 7 to 5:-  Clinical Governance; Human Resources; Audit, Risk & Compliance (which incorporates the Corporate Governance Committee); Finance (which incorporates the Capital Works Committee); Communications (as was the Stakeholder Engagement Committee).  This new arrangement aligns with our Strategic Directions relating to Customers, Governance & Operations, Organisational Sustainability as well as Competitive Environment.

The Board also approved a revised rental for the Orana Club and noted that management is conducting research to broker a better deal with suppliers of electricity and gas.  We were also advised that work on the redevelopment of the Independent Living Units Nos 16, 18 and 20 is close to completion and should be welcoming new residents in January.

We wish you all a healthy, safe and fulfilling New Year and look forward to serving as your Board for 2022.

Laurie Watters
Board of Governance
Latrobe Valley Village Inc.