From the Chair of LVV Board – Feb 2022

A new year has arrived and, at first glance, it seems not much has changed.  The spectre of Covid still lurks in the shadows affecting almost every aspect of our daily lives, but first glances are rarely accurate.  In January LVV Hostel went into hard lockdown to combat an outbreak of the disease in the facility.  The speed and efficiency with which the situation was handled, prevented no more than two residents becoming ill and greatly reduced the number of staff that were infected.  An outstanding result achieved by Trish Maher and all the fabulous staff who all worked so hard.  At our meeting on the 16th February the Board discussed how we could meaningfully show our appreciation to staff (eg a new coffee machine). If any staff have a suggestion please forward these to Trish Maher. The Board also thanked two of its members, Judy Redman and Raye Beeching, for their exceptional work in providing hands-on support to the staff by volunteering to conduct regular Rapid Antigen Tests for residents during the lockdown.  A team effort all round!

Another positive outcome of the lockdown in January was the Board’s decision to investigate the installation of WiFi within the Hostel to provide a means of communication to family and friends by residents from their own rooms.  This will now become part of a review of all our IT systems to ensure integration and prevent doubling up of services.  At that meeting we also decided to make repairs to the entry foyer Mural that has been a tad neglected in recent times.

Our February meeting has also approved installation of air-condition units to address heat issues in the Rosewood Wing, and access doors in the corridor outside Magnolia Wing to improve security to that area.

The recruitment process for a new CEO will see wide ranging advertisements  in March so we should have more news on progress in next month’s Board Bulletin.

Laurie Watters
President, Board of Governance
Latrobe Valley Village Inc.