From the Chair of LVV Board – Jun 2022

During the first week of this month the Board conducted interviews for the position of Chief Executive Officer. The shortlisted candidates were all excellent prospective appointees and it was with difficulty the Selection Committee reduced this list to two. These two were invited to make a presentation to the full Board during the afternoon of the 15th of June prior to the regular Board meeting.

All members of the Board were impressed by the calibre and experience of the candidates. Following the presentations the Board deliberated regarding the demands of the position and the aptness of the candidate to fulfil our expectations of the role. This was arguably the hardest decision LVV Board has ever had to make. A unanimous decision was reached and the preferred candidate has been notified. We eagerly await the acceptance of our offer and will make an official announcement as soon as possible.

In other news, we await the outcome of our application for the federal Business Improvement Fund grant which should be advised sometime this month. The change of government doesn’t impact on the selection of successful applications.

In addition, Board members undertook formal training in our Prudential responsibilities. With Accreditation scheduled for later in the year this training will stand the Board and LVV in good stead.

Looking forward to the next edition of the Board Bulletin when we hope to introduce you to our new CEO.


Laurie Watters
President, Board of Governance
Latrobe Valley Village Inc.

The Latrobe Valley Village Board of Management meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  We deal with matters relating to the governance of our Hostel and Independent Living Units and receive reports from Board Committees on governance issues and the Senior Management about the operational management of the Village.