Get Involved

If you have a few hours a week or more, join our volunteer group. Our vibrant community at LVV is greatly enhanced by a remarkable and diverse group of volunteers. Volunteering is a fulfilling and mutually rewarding experience for you that brings numerous benefits to our residents.

Volunteering with us will give you the opportunity to:

  • Enhance Lives: By sharing your time and companionship, you can greatly enrich the lives of our residents, bringing joy and a sense of connection.

  • Build Relationships: Volunteering allows you to forge new and rewarding relationships with residents, staff, and fellow volunteers. It’s a chance to form lasting bonds and create meaningful connections within our community.

  • Showcase Your Skills: LVV celebrates individual talents and interests. As a volunteer, you can enjoy and exercise your unique skills and passions, knowing that there are likely others who share your interests among our residents. Examples – bingo, crosswords, scrabble, reading, music, and more.

  • Personal Growth: Volunteering provides an opportunity for personal growth and development. You’ll gain new skills, insights, and perspectives that can contribute to your life outside of LVV, enhancing your own journey.

  • Positive Impact: By volunteering, you become an integral part of our community, contributing to the well-being and happiness of our residents. Your dedication and efforts make a tangible difference in their lives.

Who Volunteers?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, each bringing their own unique perspectives, skills, and experiences. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, including:

We require all Volunteers to be fully vaccinated against COVID19 and undertake police and other checks to ensure we meet our responsibilities as an approved provider of residential aged care.

Join Us as a Volunteer

At LVV, we believe in the power of volunteerism to create a stronger, more connected community. Join us and as a valued member of our volunteer team you will discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Contact our Activities Coordinator to discuss getting involved at LVV.

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