Our Board of Governance

A dedicated group of volunteers proudly delivering the governance of our remarkable organisation.

The board members at Latrobe Valley Village are a dedicated group of volunteers committed to upholding our organisation’s mission and vision. The Board guides us in delivering exceptional care and maintaining our commitment to creating a positive and enriching environment for all residents. Their collective expertise in community and healthcare, business, and aged care services helps shape our strategic direction and ensures the highest standard of living for our residents.

Laurie Watters


Len Cairns

Chair of the Human Resources Committee Member of the Audit, Risk and Compliance committee and the Finance Committee.

Diane Wilkinson

Chair of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Member of the Clinical Governance and Human Resource Committees

Raye Beeching

Chair of the Communications Committee Member of the Clinical governance and Audit, Risk and Compliance committees.

Judy Redman

Chair of the Clinical Governance Committee Member of the Human Resource and Stakeholder Engagement / Communications Committees.

Jenny Blain

Member of the Human Resources Committee, Stakeholder Engagement and Finance Committees.

Julian Yeatman

Member of the Finance committee, the Clinical Governance Committee and Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee.

Brendan Jenkins

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